• create - Create or update CloudWatch alarms.
  • delete - Delete CloudWatch alarms.
  • disable_action - Disable action of the CloudWatch alarms.
  • enable_action - Enable action of the CloudWatch alarms.


  • aws_secret_access_key, aws_access_key and optionally aws_session_token - required, unless using IAM roles for authentication.
  • alarm_name - the alarm name. If none is given on assignment, will take the resource name.
  • alarm_description - the description of alarm. Can be blank also.
  • actions_enabled - true for enable action on OK, ALARM or Insufficient data. if true, any of ok_actions, alarm_actions or insufficient_data_actions must be specified.
  • ok_actions - array of action if alarm state is OK. If specified actions_enabled must be true.
  • alarm_actions - array of action if alarm state is ALARM. If specified actions_enabled must be true.
  • insufficient_data_actions - array of action if alarm state is INSUFFICIENT_DATA. If specified actions_enabled must be true.
  • metric_name - CloudWatch metric name of the alarm. eg - CPUUtilization.Required parameter.
  • namespace - namespace of the alarm. eg - AWS/EC2, required parameter.
  • statistic - statistic of the alarm. Value must be in any of SampleCount, Average, Sum, Minimum or Maximum. Required parameter.
  • extended_statistic - extended_statistic of the alarm. Specify a value between p0.0 and p100. Optional parameter.
  • dimensions - dimensions for the metric associated with the alarm. Array of name and value.
  • period - in seconds, over which the specified statistic is applied. Integer type and required parameter.
  • unit - unit of measure for the statistic. Required parameter.
  • evaluation_periods - number of periods over which data is compared to the specified threshold. Required parameter.
  • threshold - value against which the specified statistic is compared. Can be float or integer type. Required parameter.
  • comparison_operator - arithmetic operation to use when comparing the specified statistic and threshold. The specified statistic value is used as the first operand.


aws_cloudwatch "kitchen_test_alarm" do
period 21600
evaluation_periods 2
threshold 50.0
comparison_operator "LessThanThreshold"
metric_name "CPUUtilization"
namespace "AWS/EC2"
statistic "Maximum"
dimensions [{"name" : "InstanceId", "value" : "i-xxxxxxx"}]
action :create




Research Intern at ISRO.

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Prishita Kapoor

Prishita Kapoor

Research Intern at ISRO.

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